Explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by trekking to some of its most amazing sights that cannot be reached by automobiles. Trekking is a great way to discover the unexplored territories and experience the country like never before. Some places can’t be explored completely by driving to them or catching the glimpse from the sky. The raw beauty of a country needs to be experienced by foot. Do not picture yourself walking in the forest, if you are a trekking enthusiast. Saudi Arabia consists of diverse geographical terrains, soaring mountain ranges and unique geological formations. Therefore, the trekking mainly involves exploring various escarpments, valleys, mountain peaks and the endless desert spread throughout the entire Kingdom. Mentioned below are some of the most popular Hiking and Trekking spots in Saudi Arabia that you must explore on your visit to the country:

1. Jabal Abyad & Jabal Bayda

Jabal Abyad & Jabal Bayda

Very few know that Saudi Arabia is home to numerous volcanoes and lava fields. Harrat Khaybar lying to the north of Madinah is home to many black and white volcanoes that attracts numerous trekkers. Both Jabal Abyad and Jabal Bayda are white volcanoes that are worth exploring. Jabal Abyad is the tallest volcano in the country and Jabal Bayda is white cone ash located near it. These two white volcanoes are situated next to a third black volcano named the black widow. It is a wonderful sight that must be explored by foot.

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2. Edge of the World

Edge of the world

One of the most popular destinations around Riyadh, Edge of the world is a steep cliff of Tuwaiq escarpment. It is located at a distance of 96 km northwest of Riyadh. Jebel Fihrayn is the real name of the spot and this nickname was given because of the stunning viewpoints located here that overlook the surroundings from the top of the 300-meter-high cliffs. The steep edges, panoramic views and no fences make it a thrilling trekking spot.

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3. Rijal Alma

Rijal Alma

A cultural centre of the Kingdom, it is more of a heritage walk than trekking. The significance of this archaeological village lies in its cultural depth and eminence in trade and architectural arts represented in its stone fortresses. Also known as the stone village, Rijal Alma is located at a distance of about 45 km west of Abha.

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4. Dabal Dakha

Dabal Dakha

Situated in the Ash Shafa village, Dabal Dakha is supposedly the highest peak near the city of Taif. You don’t need fancy climbing gears like Karabiners and harnesses to climb this peak, a good pair of sneakers would do just fine. Take the road that leads to the peak but to reach the top you will have to walk upwards which is an arduous task. Enjoy the good weather as you reach the high altitudes near Taif. It is counted amongst the best hiking places in Saudi Arabia and must not be missed if you are an adventure lover.

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5. Wahba Crater

Al Wahba Crater

This geological formation makes up for a great trek and takes around two hours. A pathway is already set that leads downwards towards the shiny white bed of the crater so you don’t have to walk around the edge. There is a paved road right till the edge of the crater so you don’t need any special gears. It is a popular hiking spot and known for its spectacular views but bear in mind that the trek back up to the road isn’t easy. This is one of the most thrilling outdoor adventures in Saudi Arabia that you must partake on your trip to the country.

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6. Jabal Baloum

Jabal Baloum

Belonging to the Tuwaiq range, Jabal Baloum is the highest peak that rises out of a stark desert landscape.  Standing at 1045 m, it is surrounded by smaller peaks and trekking to Jabal Baloum is filled with adventure and thrill. Be extremely careful as the path is filled with loose gravel and rocks. Upon reaching the top, catch beautiful vistas of the valley surrounding the peak. You can also trek to a large rock nearby that is dotted with ancient rock art.

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