Kaaba in Makkah
Kaaba in Makkah

Umrah is a blessed journey that holds great significance for Muslims across the globe. Every believing Muslim dreams of visiting the holy city of Makkah for performing Umrah. With the hope of attaining greater rewards, it comes as no surprise that thousands of Muslims travel to Makkah and almost all of them plan their Umrah trip ahead of time. Planning your Umrah and finding the perfect Umrah deal could be really challenging especially for the first time Umrah travellers. To make things easier for you, I’timaar offers some of the best Umrah deals and cheap Umrah packages for 2019 so that your spiritual journey to the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah remains peaceful and memorable. We have enlisted some of the most amazing tips on finding the best Umrah package and a few things to consider for choosing the best Umrah travel agent:

1- Decide the Type of Umrah Package You Want to Opt for:

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The first step before selecting a package is to decide what kind of Umrah package you want. There are two types of Umrah packages – group package and customized package. Group packages are good for those who are travelling on a strict budget or in large groups. The cost per individual goes down in group tours. Individuals or families can opt for customized Umrah packages also which are tailored according to the needs and preferences of the individual. These tailor-made packages are offered by many travel agencies and travel websites. You can customize your Umrah package according to your budget and travel dates.

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2- Do Your Own Research Before Contacting a Travel Agent:


It is essential to do your research before choosing Umrah deals which includes researching about different types of packages and facilities offered while also ensuring the credibility of the travel agency. Remember to check whether the travel agency is affiliated with the Ministry of Saudi Arabia or not. Many travel agencies are banned because they were unable to deliver the commitments and promises they had made. You should book your Umrah package only after reading the reviews and checking the ratings of travel operators on various social media platforms. It is also advised to compare costs and check with at least four to five travel agents. The cost of Umrah package should be all-inclusive, covering all your requirements such as transfers, flights, accommodation, meals and ziyarat.

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3- Check the Track Record and Expertise of the Umrah Travel Agency:


It is important to check that the travel agency has no previous record of fraud or misconduct. Records track the legitimacy of a travel agency and a travel agent with good track record will always try to deliver quality services to its valued customers.

The expertise of a travel agency in terms of delivering quality services and the number of years served in the travel industry and its reputation in the market also matters a lot. There are many Umrah travel agents in the UK but by booking your Umrah package with a recognized and trusted travel agency, you are assured that the hotels, flights and transfers are all taken care of very well.

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4- Remember to Book Your Umrah Package in Advance:

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If you wish to get the best Umrah deals and top-quality services, you must plan your Umrah ahead of time. Airline ticketing, visa processing and hotel booking require time to get completed. Therefore, last-minute decisions should be avoided at all costs. The Umrah package should be according to your need and budget. If you are the kind of person who wants top quality service and stay in luxury hotels then you must choose 4-Star or 5-Star Umrah package. You can enjoy the benefits of such luxury Umrah deals while performing the most important journey of your life.

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I’timaar offers a range of Customized and Group Umrah Packages at the Lowest Prices

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With extensive experience in the travel business, I’timaar has earned the reputation of the most trustworthy and sought after Umrah agency in the United Kingdom. We provide cost-effective customized and group Umrah packages depending on the preferences of customers and cater to their every need.

Selecting the right Umrah package is a daunting task as it involves performing a religious obligation. Our team of Umrah experts work relentlessly to get the best Umrah deal for you and constantly work hard to cater to all the needs of pilgrims so that their spiritual journey remains convenient and peaceful. Call our experts on 02030237668  or mail us at bismillah@itimaar.co.uk to book your Umrah package and experience the bliss of this soulful journey.

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