Tawaf e Kaabatullah

To perform Hajj and Umrah at least once during the lifetime is the most pious religious goal of our every Muslim. Certain customs should be followed when you go to pay homage at the abode of Allah and seek purification of mind and soul. These rules have been laid in the holy scripts of Islam which make your religious journey enriching and meaningful.

In the following article, we will acquaint you with the common mistakes to avoid during Hajj. Also, you will get to know the Do’s and Don’ts for the same.


Seek Help Only from Allah
Set your Aqedah right
  • Patting or caressing the graves at the time of making Dua while in Medina or anywhere is not considered right as per the norms of Islam.
  • Dua should strictly be made to Allah only and no one else.
  • The purpose to visit Medina should be visiting the holy Mosque solely which is Masjid-al-Nawabi, the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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Ihram - Umrah / Hajj
State of Ihram
  • Ihram must be assumed while passing the Miqat. If you are about to go to Mecca directly after landing up in Jeddah then ensure that you are already in a state of Ihram.
  • Ihram towel should not be forgotten while traveling to Jeddah by air.
  • Women have no restrictions for dressing up, provided that their attire should be as per the norms laid by Islam.
  • Taking their own pictures or selfies is a common mistake people do in Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage. The objective of performing Hajj is to pay our sincere reverence to Allah only and hence no other practices should be taken for mere enjoyment.
  • Women, who are in the state of their menstruation while on the journey for Hajj, should be in the state of Ihram while passing through Miqat. Regular showers should be taken by them while performing Talbiyah.
  • As per the Islamic rules and regulations, the right shoulder should not be left bare by males or females unless they reach the desired destination or the Kabah and the Tawaf is initiated. After reaching Kabah and before beginning the Tawaf, the right shoulder may be uncovered as was done by the messenger of Allah (pbuh).
  • No one should get into the state of Ihram while wearing a towel only.
  • If you are not wearing proper sandals while walking then try to get one soon but till that time manage walking in some substitute for the same.
  • A common mistake in performing Hajj is that people think that one has to be at Kaabah to begin the Ihram whereas Ihram could be started from the places (Miqat) as stated in Islamic texts.
  • Focus on this statement with heart and soul while making Tabliyah: ”Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk”.
  • One of the common mistakes made by the pilgrims performing Hajj or Umrah is that they sometimes shave their beard before, after or during Ihram. Doing this is forbidden in Islam.
  • Be cautious not to wear any clothes that are stitched and are made up of different pieces of clothes attached together.
  • Remember to take a bath with a soap that is fragrance-free and it is permitted to comb hair during Ihram as the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) used to do the same.

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  • Many people make it a point to shout out loud and let the world know about their intentions while making Tawaf but one should refrain from doing so as it disturbs the other pilgrims.
  • Some people get disheartened if they are not allowed by the crowd to touch the black stone but this should not be so as it is not mandatory to do so. One can simply face the black stone and utter Allahu Akbar.
  • Just touching the Yemeni corner is also preferred by many pilgrims but don’t try to kiss it.
  • The holy black stone (Hajre Aswad) is not meant to be worshipped.
  • The Quran is the ideal holy book that is to be referred while making Dua. It is not compulsory to make a Dua each time when you circumambulate the Kaabah.
  • Make sure to make Dua by keeping it to oneself. Don’t involve yourself in the shouting group of people.
  • Do as the Prophet (pbuh) did and only touch the Kabah and the Yemeni corner. Abstain from dabbing or wiping the walls of the Kaaba.
  • Try not to hurt anyone while intending to kiss the black stone.
  • It is a common mistake done during Hajj that people point their hands towards the Yemeni corner and say, Allahu Akbar, as they do while facing the black stone. One should be cautious while doing so.
  • Another common mistake during Tabliyah is that people push others in the crowd. It is not considered righteous to propel or harm anyone in the abode of Allah.
  • Never turn towards the Kaaba facing your back towards it. Kaaba should always be there on your left-hand side.
  • Don’t stick and stand at the line of the black stone for a long duration. Try to keep moving and give chance to others also.
  • Avoid stretching 2 Rakah of Salah for long hours after completion of Tawaf.

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Sa’ee (Safa & Marwah)
  • Only Men are permitted to perform Ramal i.e. walking in high speed between green pillars
  • If tired, one can take rest.
  • If desirable, one can take a break after Tawaf and before Sa’ee (Sai).
  • Continue performing Sai’ee even if your Wudu gets nullified. Although the state of purity is preferred but it is not obligatory for Sai’ee.
  • It is not required to run in between the Safa and Marwah. It should only be done when the lights are green on both ends.
  • Women are exempted from running in between the green lights.
  • No particular Dua is recommended to be uttered during the performance of Sai’ee. One can recite any Dua one remembers while performing Sai’ee.
  • After making the Dua raise your hand as was done by The Prophet (pbuh) on the mount of Safa.
  • It is not preferred generally, to shout aloud before Sai’ee and let the people know about your intentions.

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Hair Cut-Trim


  • Get your head completely shaved.
  • If you prefer trimming, rather than shaving, then trim from all the sides of your head.
  • Unless you are completely trimmed or shaved do not take off your Ihram.
  • Never shave your beard.


Jabli Rahmah at Arafat
Jabli Rahmah at Arafat
  • Confirm your location to be inside or outside the periphery of the holy site.
  • Make a reservation of your place as per your needs and never occupy a place to just sleep.
  • Prayer should be offered at the correct time in Mina.
  • At such holy places, one should not waste time in futile gossips.
  • A common mistake committed by the pilgrims during Hajj is that they don’t spend the eighth (8th) night at Mina as was instructed by the Prophet (pbuh). They straight away go to Arafah which is not right.
  • Do not push anyone in the crowd.
  • It is forbidden to collect the debris and stones of the holy mountain, Mt.Rahmah to seek the blessings of Allah.
  • Dhuhr and Asr could be prayed in one’s own tent within one’s group but it is not preferred to do the same in the mosque of Arafah (Masjid Nimirah).
  • It is not considered a right thing to leave Arafah before Maghrib.
  • Highly crowded places like Masjid Nimrah should be avoided by the women.
  • While making dua one should face towards Qiblah, instead of facing Mt. Rahmah.
  • One should realize the significance of the time of Arafah and it should not be taken as any other ordinary day. Submerge yourself absolutely in the divine spirit and realize the essence of it.
  • Muzdalifah should be reached before offering the prayers of Maghrib and Isha. If you know that you will reach there by mid-night then pray while you are on the way to Muzdalifah.
  • One should not take rest before reaching Muzdalifah. Make sure to reach Muzdalifah before you take rest.
  • As our Islamic texts go, it is believed that Prophet (pbuh) immediately slept as soon as he completed the Maghrib and Isha in Muzdalifah. It is expected by the pilgrims to follow the footprints of Prophet (pbuh) and do the same.
  • Talibiyah is continued throughout the whole procedure.

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Stoning The Devil At Jamarat
Stoning at Jamarat
  • It is a misconception among people that Jamarat is a devil. Allah only states to propagate and glorify his name by uttering Allahu Akbar, every time when a stone is thrown at the Jamarat.
  • Refrain from washing stones.
  • It is not allowed to throw big wooden pieces, rocks or sandals while stoning the Jamarat.
  • Do not hurt anyone while trying to make your way amid the inundating crowd.
  • Don’t say Bismillah while throwing stones at the Jamarat.
  • Throw the stones at the Jamarat at a particular pace and not constantly.
  • Dua could be made after the first and second Jamarat.
  • The Stoning at Jamarat should not be done before the actual time.
  • If you are not in a position to throw the stones yourself, then only ask anyone else to throw them on your behalf.
  • If you have allotted someone else to throw the stones on your behalf, then do not collect and return them back to the thrower.
  • The number of stones to be thrown should be exact seven in the count.

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DURING TAWAF AL– WIDA (Farewell Tawaf)

Tawaf Al Wida
  • The final Jamarat after Tawaf- Al – Wada is wrongly attempted by some people.
  • Walking in large groups during Tawaf can hurt others.
  • The spending of nights on the 10th and 11th days at Mina is considered mandatory.
  • Leaving Mecca after Tawaf-Al-Wada is mandatory, otherwise one has to repeat the process of Tawaf-Al-Wada once again.
  • If required you can have your lunch or do anything as long as you are out of Mecca but the condition is that you should have completed Tawaf-Al-Wada.

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Image Prophets Mosque (pbuh) - Amazing Places To Visit in Madinah
Prophets Mosque (pbuh) in Medina
  • If you are on Hajj, it is not necessary to visit Medina.
  • It is prohibited to clean or kiss any of the walls to seek blessings (Barakah).
  • Do not disturb the tranquillity and solace in the atmosphere surrounding the Prophet (pbuh)’s grave.
  • Some people do the Tawaf by surrounding the Prophet (pbuh)’s grave which is not required.
  • To enter Medina, Ihram is not necessary.
  • Only Allah should be evoked while making dua and no one else.
  • In your prayers to Allah, ask his Prophet (pbuh) to mediate for you on the final day of judgment.
  • While making dua face the Qiblah and do not make noise near the graves.

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  • Some people add Hajji to their name after coming back from Mecca which is not considered righteous.
  • The Prophet (pbuh) of Allah can only intervene on your behalf only when Allah allows him to do so.

Many people are ignorant about the Haraam things or those that are forbidden in Islam. We have tried to clear many ambiguities that are there on the minds of people while performing Hajj rituals and have also attempted to root out the misconceptions prevailing in the mind of people related to the performance of Hajj and Umrah. We hope that it would help you to have a better insight into the sacred pilgrimage and will be beneficial to you while planning your Hajj travel.

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