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Kenzi Hotel Makkah

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Makkah During Hajj?

Hajj is one of the largest gatherings of pilgrims in Makkah, with over two million coming together for a spiritual journey of a lifetime....

Top Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe During the Hajj Pilgrimage

Every year, millions of Muslims embark on Hajj pilgrimage and it is crucial to stay healthy and strong during this physically demanding journey. To...
Water Park

Top Attractions and Historical Places to Visit in Taif – Saudi Arabia

Nestled 6,000 feet high in the mountains and only a few hours away from the city of Mecca, Taif is a beautiful city to...

The Top Ten Sunnah Food Items You Should Eat in Ramadan?

It is extremely important in Ramadan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that the food we consume is nutritious and easily digestible. We...
Image Healthy Food

Tips for a Healthy Suhoor & Iftar – The Healthy Way to Fast in...

With long summer days of fasting during Ramadan, extra precautions need to be taken to stay healthy throughout this month. The duration of fasting...
Snow in Saudi Arabia

Do You Know the Snowfall Destinations of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is generally considered to be a desert country with a hot and humid climate. It is characterised by extreme heat during the...
Hajj Umrah Vaccination

Why Do We Need Meningitis Vaccination for Hajj & Umrah Travel?

All the pilgrims need to be fit for Hajj as the pilgrimage can be arduous even for the fittest pilgrim. The crowded conditions at...
Visa & Passport

How to Apply for Umrah Visa: Complete Umrah Visa Guide

Umrah, a religious pilgrimage to the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia can be performed all-round the year except during the Five days of...
Yanbu Madina

Best Tourist Spots & Popular Places to Visit in Yanbu?

Located in the province of Madinah, Yanbu lies at a distance of about 330 km from Jeddah. It is not only one of the...

The Most Popular Trekking & Hiking Spots in Saudi Arabia

Explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by trekking to some of its most amazing sights that cannot be reached by automobiles. Trekking is a...

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