Thursday, October 17, 2019
Image Hajj Tips

Essential And Useful Tips To Perform Hajj

The Hajj, being an important aspect amongst the 5 pillars of Islam and an obligatory journey in the life of a Muslim must be carried...
Health & Safety Tips- Hajj/Umrah

Health & Safety Tips For Hajj & Umrah Travel

Before embarking on your holy journey to Makkah, there are a few safety and security measures every Muslim pilgrim must consider. Since pilgrims gather...
Hajj 2018 Journey

Are You Planning For Hajj 2019? – Prerequisites Before Embarking On This Holy Journey

Preparations For Pilgrims: Embarking on a Hajj tour is not only the readiness of the outward planning and packing, but it is a preparation of...
Infographic How to perform Hajj

What are the Rituals of Hajj? Step by Step Hajj Procedure

The Hajj is one of the five most important pillars of Islam and amongst the greatest religious obligations that a Muslim should carry out....

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