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A famous quote goes this way, ‘Everything you ever wanted lies on the other side of fear’. A blatant statement, which stands to be true for everyone. With the present world scenario that has put Muslims under public and media attention, many are hesitant to travel, meet people and explore the world around. It’s just fear! Now, this is a serious issue; the barrier needs to be broken. Being a Muslim travel writer, it’s challenging. Though it’s a relief to know that Islam encourages travel and particularly halal travel, the wall needs to be broken, and we need to come out of our shell.

Just one month to go and the year ends. Guess many Muslims will be traveling. Just grab the opportunity and make new friends and succumb to experiences that will never fade away. Aren’t you stressed living a mundane life? Travelling definitely opens new doors to just enjoy life.

Travel Tips

So, here are a few tips for all you Muslim readers and travelers. There isn’t much difference between non-Muslim and Muslim travelers. The difference is in the outlook and in the details. What are the basic elements that can inspire a Muslim to shun fear and hesitations, and travel peacefully and freely?

The Prophet (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (S.A) openly encouraged halal travel as He saw it as a significant way to seek knowledge. Narrations in Hadith Hasan Mashhur support this, when the beloved prophet said, “Seek knowledge even in China”.

The Prophet’s highly spiritual experience of ‘the night journey’ (The Meraj) also gives us instances of travel, where the Prophet ascends to the seven heavens, unites with the other Prophets and receives instructions. There are several voyages recorded where the Prophet (S.A) spent His life traveling all over the Middle East. Such travel further impacted several cultures and individuals.

Travel For Spirituality

A popular Hadith exclaims that one needs to be in this world as a stranger along a path. This may not come as a surprise that most Islamic spirituality is linked with travel or journey. This journey acts as training for the soul. The holy pilgrimage for Hajj or Umrah also highlights the significance of traveling in a Muslims life and one can fulfill this religious obligation at affordable cost by booking Hajj 2018 packages with one of the best and cheap travel agents in the UK.

Take One Step At A Time

If you fall into that category where you are fearful of traveling, then start small, instead of taking an entire vacation alone. Just take a dip in the pool of solo traveling, a short city break or even a group vacation. How about a day trip to a close by city, where you can enjoy freedom, peace and cultural newness.

Travel For The Love Of Allah

Through travel, many have experienced true spirituality and found Allah. Whether you head towards a mountain, a serene forest lake or embark on a spiritual journey to propagate knowledge of Islam, travel usually exposes us to the creation of Allah to a greater extent, hence, drawing us closer to Him. In the Quran, there are verses, where man is asked to ponder on all that has been created – and what better way to do that than traveling?

Know Yourself

Travel instigates self-confidence, leaves you awestruck and offers open-mindedness; helps you become a better person. The secret is, travel takes you out from your comfort zone and fills your mind with questions about your significance, supreme power and even answers that you might not get in the comfort corner of your room.

Travel never creates divisions of caste, creed, beliefs, religion or family. Initially, it can be intimidating, but soon you realize that you don’t expect much.

Teaches You To Be Grateful

No wonder how many times we have taken our home and our family for granted. Spending a few days on the road, in a hotel or while camping, we learn to appreciate and know the importance of home, the people who really love and care for us.

We learn to thank Allah for a shelter over our head, food on the table and the hands that serve us. Returning after travel makes us closer to our siblings. After all, absence makes the heart fond.

Pamper Yourself

As Muslims, we can`t enjoy in a club, drinking and dancing as it’s not permissible in Islam. We may spend some time on the beach, dine out, enjoy a cruise trip, cherish a spa day or embark on sightseeing tours. Do not just merely experience traveling, have fun too!

In case you are not able to begin with solo or group traveling to your dream destination, you can book cheap Umrah packages 2018 to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, and explore a few places surrounding the holy sites. Click for more tips on Umrah.


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